Silkworm Studios

5 film positives to make 5 stencils one for each colour.

The yellow positive and a piece of five star stencil film in the vacuum frame the next step is close the frame and suck out the air to pull the positive and the film up tight together.

The exposure 3Kw UV light for 1.75 mins.

Put the exposed five star film in a tray of hydrogen peroxide for 1 min to harden.

Take the stencil film and wash with warm water to wash out the gelatin that had been protected from the UV light by the black parts of the film positive.

Partly washed out.

Fully washed out and chilled with cold water ready to be put onto a screen.

Wet stencil placed gently onto a screen which has had  cold water run down it.

The screen placed on a raised board where the stencil has the water blotted…

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