Marshal Arts T Shirts

Marshal Arts T Shirts Artwork for 50 shirts printed front & side.

Make film image of  side print & front print then make two stencils onto two screens.

When the stencils are washed out and dried put the screens on to the printing equipment.

Mask out around the stencil find the right size squeegee put on some ink position the T shirt.

Print the image by pushing the ink through the stencil using the squeegee.

Feed the shirt into the drying conveyor 3-4 minutes at 150 c.

View through the conveyor.

Shirt coming out hot and dry from conveyor.

Set up and print second image on the side of the shirt run it through the drier again then the job is ready to pack for the happy customers.

Jon sent us this picture and wrote: Heres a photo – hope you like – thanks again for all your work on this had some brilliant feedback. Best wishes Jon.

Club members wearing 10 of the 50 shirts we printed.

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